A Candidate for Murder Essay

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A Candidate For Murder -Joan Lowery Nixon
The novel A Candidate For Murder is a remarkable page turner by Joan Lowery Nixon. The book is fictional and suspenseful, it has a length of two hundred ten pages and was published by Dell Publishing in 1991.

The story seemed to start a little slow but, it sped up soon after the first chapter. It was a quick read and it kept me on my toes, always curious about what was going to happen next. A Candidate For Murder is about a girl (Cary) whose father (Charles) is running for the Governor of Texas. While at a party, Cary overhears a conversation held between two men. They notice that she heard some of the crucial information and now they do everything in their power to keep her from telling anyone. Even if that means they have to hurt her...or even kill her.

Nixon's goal and topic of this book was to keep the reader entertained, and she definitely stayed on topic. The most important and interesting part of the book was chapters 15 through 19. They're full of the action-filled missing pieces needed to put this puzzle of a story together.

I do believe that this novel met the goals of the author. It gave me plenty of entertainment, and kept me busy. The book is an astonishing and powerful read from cover to cover. The ending could have been a little longer but, I loved all the twists and turns the story had. I would recommend this to anyone, it will capture your mind and take you on an adventure; as if you were in the story.

This is easily one of the best pieces I've ever read, Joan Lowery Nixon is the "elite" of all authors. Her adventures and persona in her writing makes you want to buy all of her books and read every single one of them.
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