A Classrom Scene

Topics: Spice, Time, Absenteeism Pages: 2 (329 words) Published: January 21, 2014
All the students in a classroom represent different spices and ingredients required to make a dish. Each has its own unique flavour and taste and the absence of anyone can be easily felt. However, the mixture of all in an adequate quantity gives an impressive result.

My classroom is such a mixture of different types of students. There are a few students who are the lords of the back benches. These students are the main reasons for contributing a sizeable proportion of profits of the canteen, all the fun and comments passed in the lecture, whose last pages of the book are filled with games, signatures, love-percentages and artistic sketches and who are scolded the most by lecturers and hence costing them their valuable time.

Then, there are some students who are regular in their attendance, take down notes sincerely and on whom the entire class is dependent during exams. These students are really favourites of the professors since they represent and form most part of the attendance in the class and also that they are no trouble-makers.

There is other breed of students who are physically present but mentally absent. They live in their own dream-world. Some are gossip-queens where all kind of breaking and spicy news can be found. Some are love-birds, secretly staring at their crush or busy texting their better-halves. Some students are busy completing their assignments, incomplete notebooks and any unfinished work irrespective of the lecture going on. Some students highly specialize in asking doubts, some of which are genuine and some just a show-off.

There is other group which may not have books in the bag but deodorants, make-up kit and comb. Their discussion includes the latest fashion, trend and the in thing in the market. Some are technology freaks talking about the latest applications and software available.

These varied species are important in their own ways. All these species come together to take important decisions like mass bunk and...
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