A Day When Everything Went Wrong

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A Day When Everything Went Wrong
Life has its ups and downs, highs and lows. Sometimes you feel as if you are on top of the world, other times you feel as if everyone or everything has turned against you.

I vividly recall a day when nothing went as I expected. Everything seemed out to get me, to trick me. It was the hardest test of my patience and perseverance. Though I would like very much to forget that day, till today I still have nightmare recalling it and wish I do not have to relive the same again.

The day happened more than twenty years ago when I was a form two student. It was a black Tuesday. I was supposed to be at school before 7a.m. I set the alarm clock at 5a.m. but my alarm clock was damaged. When I woke up, it was already 6.30 a.m. I quickly packed my book and rushed to the bus stop without having my breakfast. I hoped to catch the 6.45a.m. bus to school. However, when I reached the bus stop, the bus had left. I was panicked and depressed. I had to wait for another fifteen minutes for the next bus.

When I reached school, it was already 7.30a.m. The first lesson almost ended. My English teacher cum form teacher was teaching grammar in the class. When I knocked the door, she suddenly shouted, “What’s the time now? Stand in front of the classroom till the lesson ends!” Ms Elizabeth never accepted any reason given by students. Therefore I had stand in front of the classroom with my heavy bag behind me. I was so embarrassed as all the students in my class began to laugh and tease me. Fortunately, I only had to be punished for ten minutes. I was relieved when the bell rang. I thought my nightmare was over and I could take my seat and start the next lesson, Mathematics lesson.

When Ms Tan entered the class, we were asked to take out our textbook and send in our exercise book. Then I realized that I had forgotten to pack my Mathematics book and exercise book into my bag. “Oh God! What am I going to do? I’m sure Ms Tan will be very mad.” Again...
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