A Teachable Moment

Topics: Education, Classroom, Teacher Pages: 3 (1204 words) Published: April 7, 2009

One week ago, I’ve faced the most difficult task in my life, because, as you know I am a very shy person. For just one single day I’ve become a teacher, I must admit at the beginning, this task was very simple, at the end I found myself with a lot of job ahead of me ,because; I haven’t any single idea that how to be a teacher in front of a class. So, I was doomed. I made a lot of research that how to prepare a class, how to stand in a classroom, how to speak with the people in the classroom, even how to get dressed for that day. For real I was lost.

I got just a very good challenge, I was motivated at the same time I was afraid. So, I started to collect all the ingredients in order to prepare my class. The first phase of my teaching preparation was to organize all my thoughts about what my class to be and what kind of teacher I want to be that day. I start to develop a kind of complex, because; I was thinking that I don’t belong in front of a classroom, because; I do not have any idea that how is to be in a classroom filled with a lot of strangers and also I’m inexperienced , ignorant of the subject matter and above all I’m unprepared. So, I just try to keep my mind on the right track, and I try to overcome those fears in order to give an excellent class. I begun by thinking about what I liked about my courses and instructors as a student now and in the past. I visited the classrooms of others who are teaching a similar class. I took notes of everything, what I think that could help me the most. Also I talked with veteran Professor’s with a lot of experience who told me that what works and what does not. I keep in my mind my audience, fortunely my subject was easily.

One of the Professors’s told me that is very important my audience, In other words, he told me: try to choose a class format that is conductive to learning for your particular group of students. At the end of this part everything was clear; I got...
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