A) What Are the Most Important Factors That Determine the Learning Experience of School/College Students in Your Subject?

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Assignment Question 1

A) What are the most important factors that determine the learning experience of school/college students in your subject? You should analyse both relevant literature and your school/college observations in compiling your response.

There are many important factors that determine the learning experience of the students I have observed, each one with there own degree of effectiveness. Some of these factors include cognitive and conative learning, the material being studied, motivation, classroom management, student to teacher ratio, class discipline, time management, environment and resources available. In my opinion the most important factors are as follows;

Classroom Management:

"Children often feel vulnerable in classrooms, particularly because of their teacher's power to control and evaluate. This effects how children experience school and their openness to new learning." (Pollard 2005, p 130.)

On teaching practice, I aim to create a positive, challenging classroom atmosphere. Student's first impressions are very important and have a lasting effect. A teacher should be very confident and relaxed during the first meeting. They should adopt a firm but fair teaching style as this style of teaching can be quite a positive one where students respect the teacher rather than fear them. Teachers should learn a few specific details about each student to show them that they are interested in them and to create a relationship of communication and trust. It is extremely important to learn student names as quickly as possible.

Pre-empting bad behavior is essential for preventing it. Strategies must be set up and enforced to engage effective teaching. They must be clear and concise to ensure all students are aware of the non acceptable behavior and when they are stepping outside of the boundaries. Consequences must be addressed and adhered to. A good enforcement is often, eliminate the negative and reinforce the positive.

In order to create an engaging atmosphere and motivate children, a classroom that is conducive to learning and one where children feel safe and important is essential.

"An' incorporative classroom' is one which is consciously designed to enable each child to act as a full participant in class activities and also to feel themselves to be a valued member of the class." (Pollard 2005, p 132.)

Classrooms should be bright and colorful; students own work should be on display around the classroom so that they get a feeling of attachment to their room. This works as an effective method of praise and encourages children to create work of a high standard and keeps them motivated.

High Expectations of Students:
Effective teachers will outline and demonstrate the expectations that they have for each student. Teachers should communicate these to the students at realistic stages of their development throughout the year. These expectations should be achievable by each individual student and therefore each student's ability must be interpreted. Differentiation is widely used to target members of the class with varying work levels according to their ability. It is important to establish a level that is attainable by a lower ability student and yet challenging to all, in particular to a higher ability student. Interest can therefore be maintained by all students and accomplishment can be achieved by all.

Time and Resource Management:
Effective teachers achieve the management of the class by having a clear structure for each lesson, making full use of planned time, using a brisk pace and allocating his/her time fairly amongst students. This in turn will prompt students to schedule their own individual learning affectively. Good behavior of students can be reflected from well managed classrooms, time and resources.

Assignment Question 1

A) What are the most important factors that determine the learning experience of school/college...
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