E-Learning in the Workplace

Topics: Learning styles, Manager, Employment Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: April 11, 2012
Henry Washington
BUS 207 Winter 2012 WEB

In my current job, I market an aftermarket automotive part supplier to repair facilities in southwest Michigan & northern Indiana. My current employer not only supplies to repair facilities, but “Do-It-Yourself” customers well. We have team members inside of each store that have to provide the service our customers need & want. I have to also help train, coach, & develop these team members on the services we have available for repair facilities. One of the many services we offer is E-Learning. We offer a vast array of E-Learning classes covering everything from basic automotive repair, to advance electrical diagnostic, to how to manage a repair facility, etc. Recently, working with my store in Sturgis, I came across some objections from my General Manager at this location. He couldn’t understand why we would offer E-Learning to our customers when we have seen great success in selling more expensive, traditional classroom training. Our textbook author DuBrin states the importance of E-Learining in chapter 3. He goes on to explain the many benifts of e-learning, like the ability to train many different employees over a large geographic area. DuBrin also discuss later in the chapter the various different learning styles that employees fall into. In conclusion not only was I able to convey to the General Manager the importance of e-learning, but I was also able to explain the different ways people learn. That year we exceed our previous year classrooms training sales & set the standard in our region for e-learning participation.
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