I Am the Cheese

Topics: Emotion, Fear, Truth Pages: 3 (1128 words) Published: April 1, 2013
I am the Cheese Assignment # 2

The incredible reality of a life was tantalizing to Adam, his past deprived from him which now lay decrepit, a forgotten life of triviality. Pockmarked with bruises and scar, he never felt before and terrified of the vacuity and the lack of memories that loomed over him, he was scared. He was diagnosed with amnesia. However this was merely a prelude of his life from now on. He was trapped in an estate with a solicitous therapist who was insistent with his incessant question. However only time will unravel the truth, as memories rushed back the blood caressed his vein once again, Adam would tell of the violent jarring speed thrilled stories to the poignant and emotional stories of his past. However Adam also finds himself in an enthralling journey, endeavors to visit his father yet finds himself in a sea of trouble and is caught between the crosscurrents of his motives and problems. The three intertwined stories reflect on Adam’s character. The infidelity of Adam’s past was cruel but now primitive nerd but despite the numerous problems he faces now, he isn’t brave. I feel the primary concept that contributes to his apprehension and fear, is his past. Adam also isn’t aware of his emotional inequity and insecurity and finally the journey he faces arouses a lot of fear. His past shattered and ripped out from reality he feels lost. I think the sheer initial impact of forgetting his memories, forgetting his identity and forgetting his life was a frightful experience. He woke up unaware of this contemporary world and the turmoil’s today. Yet slowly he remembers. He remembers clues of his past which mostly frighten him. The clue of the dog reminded him of his fear of dogs and how he and his father wondered into the forest for a strange reason and got attacked by a dog. Another example would be the clue of Amy Hertz. It was because of her phone nerd call about his family which made him suspicious. But I felt he was...
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